Help During the Closing Hours of Fields of Eleria Kickstarter

Are you a CCG player looking for a game you don’t need to go Rares hunting for? Maybe you’ve played Hearthstone and feel like something a bit meatier? Perhaps you just like really nice artwork on your cards? For any of the above, I’d suggest a look at Fields of Eleria by Aaron Nakahara. It is currently on Kickstarter hoping to get a much-needed boost to production!

This is an expandable, head-to-head, fantasy card game drawing upon the basic playstyle of the MOBA genre, while very much having its own character. Check out the Kickstarter trailer below!

This is a labour of love for Aaron Nakahara, he’s been developing it on his own for years, and the enthusiasm rolls off him in waves. The original concept for the setting was high magic with a side of Sci-Fi and Nakahara’s aim was first to create graphic novels telling the story of the world. If those are still planned and share the design aesthetic of the cards I’d be interested; one thing you cannot argue is that the artwork is gorgeous.

eleria 2

The basic gameplay sees you using Heroes to dominate Fields across three alleys of attack. You play Abilities and various enhancements to your bases, characters and Heroes which are paid for with Shards, the common resource mechanic. You generate Shards every turn and have the option of sitting on them to pay for powerful cards or mobbing with cheap ones as the Shards come in, your choice. The end game is the destruction of your opponent’s Core, the primary base. There’s a sample play video on the Campaign page which gives a decent idea of how things will run, though you might have to crank the sound a bit.

eleria 1

Core Set One gets you 270 cards, across 12 factions; the play decks are built from this selection and at 50 cards one set should easily cover both players if they don’t want to play the same Heroes. The advantage of the Expandable format as distinct from Collectible is that once you’ve bought a set you are good to go, no Rares hunting, no need to trawl booster packs to make up the numbers for a favourite faction, just build and play. As a bonus, the head-to-head game can be shaken up to include 6 players, in 2 teams of 3, which sounds interesting and I would have liked to see more of how it will actually work with regards to pooled resources and use of your teammates’ cards.

There’s a helpful set of Quickplay rules and a sample deck available on to download so you can see how the game plays before jumping in.

The KS ends in a matter of hours and is just over halfway funded right now; I think it deserves more love and the detailed backstory, clear card layout, planned future expansions and obvious dedication of its creator means it’s a great choice for those without the time, money and cupboard space to get into a full (or another) CCG experience.

Images are from the games Kickstarter page. Artwork by Aaron Nakahara


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