Platformer Shu Heading to Nintendo Switch in the New Year

It has certainly been an eventful year for the Nintendo Switch! There haven’t just been lots of great AAA games being ported to the console but lots of indies have also been moving over and on January 23rd, Coatsink’s beautiful platformer Shu will join the ever-growing indie roster. It is already available on PC, PS4 and PS Vita.


For those of you who don’t know, Shu is a typical platform adventure with a co-op twist. It’s not the game itself that is co-op but as you progress through your adventure, the titular character is helped along the way by some friends. Each friend has a different ability that you must utilise if you want to get through each level and outrun the oncoming storm that threatens to destroy the World as you know it. The graphics of the game have been beautifully hand-drawn which adds a nice quirky feel to the game.

shu 2

A lot of time and care has been taken to make sure that Shu lives up to the standard of other games that have been released on the console this Autumn as Eddie Beardmore, COO of Coatsink, explains:

With so many great games arriving on the Nintendo Switch in Fall of 2017 – like Mario Odyssey, XenoBlade Chronicles 2, and RIVE – we took some extra time to ensure our much-loved platformer got the treatment it deserved.”

Beardsmore goes on to say that the game will run at 60 frames per second in both hand-held and docked modes and will include the previously released DLC Caverns of the Nightjars free of charge.

Shu for the Nintendo Switch will not have a retail version so will be only be available digitally and will cost you £7.69/$9.99/€8.49/¥1,100.

If you don’t have a Switch but have a PC, then it just so happens that Shu is one of the games in our winter Steam key giveaway so you head on over and enter if you want to win this fantastic game along with 27 others!


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