Fight Your Way to Freedom through the Lost Castle

As we are already through half way through our giant Steam key giveaway we thought that it might be an idea to introduce you to some of the games.

First up on our list is a game called Lost Castle. It comes from Chinese developer Hunter Studios and is been published worldwide by Another Indie. It was released last September on Steam and since then has been getting very positive reviews from players all over the World.

lost castle

Easiest way to describe Lost Castle is to say that it is a cute chibi-style game with the complexity of Dark Souls. It is an action RPG beat’em up dungeon crawler that pulls together roguelike elements and beautifully hand drawn characters and environments into a difficult yet satisfying adventure. The main premise of the game is that you are trying to escape from a castle that has been taken over by lots of goblins and other ghoulish nightmares. Each level is randomly generated so it means that you have endless gameplay options. Even the mobs, drops, and items are random so you can play it over and over again without getting the same experience twice.

Even though it is described as being super hard, so getting through it might be a bit tricky for someone playing solo, the game does feature a four player co-op mode meaning you can team up with three other players and get your way through the dungeons that way. We got the opportunity to play Lost Castle at EGX 2016 in Birmingham and we can definitely attest to its difficulty so get help if you can!

lost castle 2

If you’d like to know more about Lost Castle you can either head to the games Steam page or you can go straight to Another Indie’s website to check out all the latest news. Alternatively you can join their Discord channel. I’m sure that they would love to talk to you!


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