Kickstarter Highlight: Gross Gourmet Food with Gobblin’ Goblins

Fancy a slice of mud pie? Or maybe you’d like some zingy Wasp cake? Well, you’d be in good company with the crew from Toon Hammer and their family-friendly strategy card game Gobblin’ Goblins. The game still has many days to go over on Kickstarter and the creators are looking to raise £5,500. The game is fully designed and ready to go but just needs a bit of help to get it over the finish line and published.

goblins 3

So, basically, the greediest goblin wins the game. Each player chooses a goblin cards to play as. Every goblin has a list of foods they love, hate, and a type of food that they are allergic to. They also have unique abilities which will give you the upper hand against other players like being able to draw multiple cards or skipping action cards. The goal is to gobble up as much food as possible and build up your points. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner!

gobins 4

We’d love to see this game have success on Kickstarter. As already stated, it is a family game we can see many games being played with young ones who love nothing more than giggling at the mention of snot and stinky stuff! Head over to Kickstarter now and give the game a look for yourself and consider backing it!


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