Wired Productions and LKA Donates $10,000 to Mental Health Charity

Today, UK based indie publisher and developer, Wired Productions, and LKA, an indie developer from Florence, Italy, announced that they will be donating $10,000 to the mental health awareness charity Take This, Inc. The charity, based in the US, raises awareness, offers support and provides safe spaces to those in need, specifically within the gaming community.

The money was raised from sales of LKA’s groundbreaking game The Town of Light. 25% of all sales during the initial part of the fundraising campaign were collated along with a donation from participating retailer Games Planet. The campaign also had backing from other game retailers such as Green Man Gaming, Humble Store, and Steam who offered a 20% discount to those buying the game within the same period.

LKA’s The Town of Light was released in February this year and is a psychological adventure told in the first person. The game tells the story of a teenager called Reneé as she returns to the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum where she grew up in Tuscany, Italy. She has returned to try and answer some unanswered questions from her past as she battles with symptoms of mental illness. The game is unique in that there is no combat, no jump scares and no monsters in the game and all the terror and dark feelings come from the surroundings and copies of real early 1900s gory medical illustrations and medical equipment you find laying around.

town of light 1

This is the first part of Wired Productions fundraising campaign for Take This, Inc. Managing Director, Leo Zullo, is delighted with the success of the campaign and says that the work has only just begun!

“We’re excited to work with Take This to put the fund to great use, and in the coming months, we’ll be announcing more initiatives. We’re steadfast in our belief that Mental health is an issue that the gaming community, as a whole, needs and wants to tackle. We’re driven in delivering real support, wherever we can.”

The funds raised by Wired Productions and LKA will go a long way to helping Take This, Inc. provide much-needed support and facilities to those in a state of mental anguish as well as helpings their friends and family through education.  Russ Pitts, President of Take This, Inc. said:

“Since Take This was founded, and started sharing our message of healing and hope, we’ve seen thousands of people come forward with their own stories, sharing, and encouraging others. Wired’s financial contribution is a real help, but the more tangible support is knowing their voice has been added to ours, saying ‘It’s OK to not be OK’.”

town of light 2

We will bring you more about future fundraising for this wonderful charity. Please, if you are ever faced with depression or needing some help and advice regarding any mental health issues, reach out and talk to someone. Charities and organisations like Take This, Inc. are on hand to listen to you.




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