Kickstarter Success for Thea Sequel

It was announced today that Thea 2: The Shattering was successful in its Kickstarter campaign. MuHa Games, who is based in both the UK and in Poland, jumped onto Twitter with the good news that the campaign received above and beyond the £40,000 the team originally sought. There is currently no information regarding a release date but given that the team had a demo rig of Thea 2 at EGX 2017, we are hoping that it doesn’t take too long become available.


The Thea games are all inspired by Slavic mythology, a particular area of folklore that hasn’t already been looked into a hundred times, so manages to bring new myths and legends to anyone who might be interested in them. The games themselves are survival strategy games working on a turn-based system, rich in story and using interesting card battle mechanics. Thea: The Awakening was originally released in November 2015 and is still gaining positive reviews on Steam.


Some of the key features promised for the sequel include a new co-op mode allowing players to hook up with others to build and expand their pantheon, procedurally generated maps and biomes, a customizable play style so you can decide if you are going to rule like a warlord or a diplomat, more creatures, quests and card variations like never before, and plenty of chances to explore and expand your influence over the World as you play the part of a powerful deity.


As already stated, there are no details regarding a release just yet but make sure you check back here to find out any news as soon as its announced!



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